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I realize this post is over two years old now, but was hoping I could get some information regarding this template. However in your template, you can only seem to edit the navigation buttons specifically the previous and next page buttons on the first slide they are on. They appear locked on subsequent slides automatically and cannot be edited. I think this is a fantastic feature and have no idea how it was done, as I cannot see any visible setting to suggest these objects are different from any other.

You can have an item appear on all pages navigation buttons or a menu for example. Thank you for your kind words! And yes, Mary already answered your questions, so all you need to do is to create a smart shape that you can turn into a button and under Timing you can set that button to be visible for the rest of the project.

Once again, I feel compelled to chastise Adobe for being so unsupportive of the Captivate developer community. You literally push people to use Articulate Storyline because every attempt to users make to work together is undermined by Adobe. I am deeply saddened and incredibly frustrated that after using this product since Adobe Captivate 2 was launched, I can no longer support this product or company. I had greater aspirations for you Adobe. Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

I too have been using Adobe Captivate since version 2. Over the years I have been asked to produce eLearning of various styles and designed, and I have never felt that Adobe Captivate was the stumbling block. If anything it was my earlier lack of design skills that prevented me from creating great learning. Once you know how to build great eLearning, Captivate is an excellent tool.

Sure, in some cases I had people ask for things like drag and drop before they were available from Adobe. At the time I had to purchase a third party solution which worked great. Adobe listened to the feedback from its users and eventually came out with drag and drop. I also recall Adobe calling me personally to ask about how I used Adobe Captivate and to provide them feedback, I remember suggesting knowledge checks practise questions , and in the very next release of Captivate, they included this feature.

For years we complained that the documentation or how the forums were challenging to navigate to find our answers. Again, all this is true, but Adobe has listened and created the Adobe eLearning Community. Is it perfect? No, but every few months or so it gets better. If you participate actively in this community, as I and others have, Adobe will literally a better example of when you should use this word give you a free copy of Captivate or other eLearning software.

I do find it interesting that this user has made no contributions to the community. I suspect that they created this account to troll the Adobe eLearning Community. Perhaps they are an Articulate fanboy or girl with too much time on their hands. Your info page on templates mentions that they are usually the last two pages of a project template. You are absolutely right, usually we add help and menu pages as the last two slides.

But in this template the menu is a bit more advanced. If you open the first slide in this template you will find a few hidden groups in the timeline. There are two groups you were looking for — Menu and Help.

Once you will make them visible, you will be able to edit them as you want. There you can see that each group consists of 3 elements. There you can find action that is set to all three answer choices — SingleChoice. Under the parameters you can change the value from 0 to 1. In this case 0 means incorrect and 1 counts as correct answer.

Thanks, for a great looking template. I can concentrate on the content for a change! Glad you like it. We have a few more, and one more free template from Fastercourse is shared on this community as well.

Thanks so much! Wow that looks really nice. Are you granting unrestricted use if this template to any user? Because that is our main business — creating ready-made templates. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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