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When you restart your PC, it resumes these directly from the hiberfil. To disable Fast startup just do the following. In left side , Click on Additional Power settings. It might be possible that your PC is not able to sleep because of a third party software installed on it. In such a case, you will need to boot your PC in clean boot mode. In Clean boot mode, your PC starts with just the essential Windows programs and services. This makes sure that no third party software would start when your PC starts.

So, if any such software is interrupting the PC to go into sleep mode, Clean Boot will take care of it. Windows Troubleshooter can sometimes solve an issue very effectively in Windows The Troubleshooter can be helpful with resolving Windows 10 not sleeping issue.

Follow these steps to run the Troubleshooter to fix the sleeping issue:. Step 5 — Click on Run the Troubleshooter from the expanded menu. When done, try to check if the Sleep option works. Updating Windows 10 to its latest version is something that it takes to update all the device drivers on your PC. After updating Windows 10, the sleep mode might work without any issue. After the update is complete, check if the Sleep mode is working in your Windows 10 PC.

If not, try out the next method. This mode is a combination of Hibernation and Sleep modes. To fix the Windows 10 not sleeping issue by disabling Hybrid Mode, here are the steps to follow:. Step 1 : Follow Step 1 to Step 3 from Method 1. This will open the Advanced Power option settings. Step 2 : In the menu, look for the expandable option Sleep. In the Sleep menu, expand the Allow hybrid sleep , and in the option s available there, choose Off from their drop-down menu.

When done, click on the Ok button to apply settings. Then, restart your PC and check if the Sleep Mode not working issue has been fixed or not. It might be possible that your PC has some sort of Virus or Malware.

If you do not have an Antivirus installed, get one as soon as possible and scan your PC for virus or malware. Here is a list of best free Antivirus for Windows Scan your PC after installing an Antivirus and see if a threat is detected and removed. Now check if you are able to put your PC to sleep.

Some peripheral devices connected to your PC might be the reason for Windows 10 not sleeping. Remove or disconnect the externally connected peripheral devices on your PC. Windows 10 not sleeping or the Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working issue is a very common and easy to fix. The above methods would easily solve the issue for you. Do let us know that which of the methods worked for you to fix this problem on your PC.

Doing this seems to have remedied this frustrating problem without having to end or delete any processes or files simply by changing this setting. If your Windows 10 is acting weird and keeps falling asleep after a few minutes idle, check if there are any updates waiting to be installed on your PC. Keep in mind that not only helpful updates arrive at your PC: for instance, if you Windows 10 is suspiciously sleepy, some malicious programs might have penetrated your system and stolen a march on your antivirus.

Excessive Windows 10 sleepiness can be a symptom of malware infection. Indeed, some malicious invaders might have tampered with your power settings.

If you do not have a third-party security solution installed, make use of the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender:. Besides, a special anti-malware tool can contribute to the investigation into the case: for example, Auslogics Anti-Malware can detect and remove the nefarious intruders your main security solution may miss. To fix the issues that put your PC into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity, try running Power Troubleshooter — it is aimed at resolving the most common problems with your power plan.

No time to deal with the problematic drivers by yourself? You can get them all fixed and updated by a special tool , e. Your BIOS might cause your Windows 10 to ignore the sleep settings and take a nap after just a few minutes idle. First and foremost, we recommend you to take some precautions before interfering with your BIOS. Just in case. If there is something wrong with you PC after the manoeuvre above, restore your computer to its previous functioning state:.

If you are so far at a loss to explain why your PC keeps going to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity, your OS needs a comprehensive checkup. You can perform it manually do not miss junk files, corrupt keys, invalid entries, and non-optimal settings or use a special diagnostic tool to save your time and effort — for example, Auslogics BoostSpeed can help you out and Auslogics Driver Updater will help you to automatically update all the drivers you have.

Your email address will not be published. By now your laptop will not shut down when you close the lid and therefore you will be able to keep downloads going on.

Make use of the Firefox and chrome AutoShutdown extension for those using the firefox browser. With this extension comes, comes a custom OS command that will command your laptop to shutdown when all download tasks are done. This helps to avoid heating problems for your laptop since the lid is close to the rest of the body and also controls and saves on your electricity bill.

No inbuilt power settings to tweak. No command to run. Fine, there are two ways you can keep downloads active when you have closed the lid of your Mac. The good thing about the app is that it is free. Step 2: Download Insomnia X and use the un acrchiver tool to decompress the downloaded file. Step 4: When you bring the cursor to the insomnia X app in the horizontal menu bar, it will bring a drop down list of options.

Your mac will keep active, downloads will go on even when the lid is closed. Step 5: If you can estimate the time your download will take which is difficult due to many factors involved , you can set the time you want this app to keep the laptop active and then it will shutdown automatically thereafter.



Windows 10 pro sleep mode problem free download.How to Wake up Windows 10 from Sleep mode?

You may find your Windows 11 won’t wake up from sleep sometimes due to different reasons. How can you fix the problem? › en-us › topic › troubleshoot-problems-waking-co. Fix this issue quickly. Use a safe free tool developed by the Auslogics team of experts. Easy to use. Just download and run, no installation.


Fixed – No Sleep Option in Windows 10/8/7 Power Menu.What to do if a computer won’t wake up from sleep in Windows 10? | DiskInternals

Performance Tune Up check. The person who has recovered the disk content has not been able to fix this problem. Auslogics Driver Updater diagnoses driver issues and lets you update old drivers all at once or one at a time to get your PC running smoother. Try them one by one understand what happened to the sleep option in Windows 10 and Windows 11 , and how to bring it back in no time. Most steps have illustrated tutorials in the blue links. This site in other languages x.

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